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Vlad & Jessica

Since childhood, I dreamed of a wedding in an old castle. The princess in a wonderful dress and the prince on a white horse finally meet, so as not to ever part. I wouldn't give up my dream for anything in the world. Inga and Andrew, our best wedding photographers, helped us create a fabulous wedding photoshoot. They didn't miss even the smallest detail. "The mysterious flickering of candles, our eyes shining with love:" best wedding photographer captured all our moments. The guys were very fluent in the play of light and shadow, professionally used special effects. They definitely knew what result they wanted to get. I recommend these talented artists, the best wedding photographers to anyone who wants to make their dream a reality.

Vlad & Diana

You know, it's always hard to choose, especially if you're looking for a wedding photographer. When we'd seen a portfolio of Andrew and Inga we immediately figured out who would be our photo crew. And we want to say, we are so happy with this decision! Our wedding photos are extremely beautiful, full of "our" emotions and "true" moments. Every detail of this great day was perfectly captured by our best wedding photographers! Many thanks for everything - photos, atmosphere, mood, and attention! You are amazing!

Nick & Alona

When I discuss wedding photography companies with different people, I constantly heard many of them are not happy with their wedding pictures. But it's definitely not my case. I'm so HAPPY that my wedding photography belonged to Astora studio!!!!! They completely surrendered to work, forgot about themselves and their comfort. They are the best Canadian wedding photographers! And working with these guys are so easy and comfortable, that you're ready to book more and more photo shoots with them! I am very pleased. RECOMMENDED!

Anton & Snizhanna

We've already donwloaded our engagement photos. Colors are so vibrant and beautiful, we like your style very much. There are no words to describe our delight! Thank you guys so much, you're cool and smart ones.

Artem & Zoryana

Our best engagement photographers, thank you very much 😍😍😍 !! You are a wonderful couple and real top wedding photographers in Toronto. You helped my boyfriend and me save one of the most important day of our lives forever! Thank you so much! We will recommend you for all our friends! And, of course, we know, who will shoot our wedding day!


I am just delighted with my individual portrait photo shoot! Each photo is beautiful and very vibrant. Thank you very much!!! You are very cool! It was a big pleasure to work with you!!! Love and gratitude ❤

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Copyright © 2020 Astora Studio. All rights reserved.

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