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best wedding photographers Toronto
Enko & Maria

Just wanted to thank you guys from the bottoms of our hearts! The photos came out absolutely stunning, we are so so happy with them! It was a sincere pleasure to work with you both! You’re the best wedding photographers, true professionals and very fun to be around! Wishing you all the best ❤️

best wedding photographers Toronto
Vlad & Jessica

Since childhood, I dreamed of a wedding in an old castle. The princess in a wonderful dress and the prince on a white horse finally meet, so as not to ever part. I wouldn't give up my dream for anything in the world. Inga and Andrew, the best wedding photographers, helped us create pretty wedding photos. They didn't miss even the smallest detail. "The mysterious flickering of candles, our eyes shining with love:" best wedding photographer captured all our moments. The guys were very fluent in the play of light and shadow, professionally used special effects. They definitely knew what result they wanted to get. I recommend these top photographers in Toronto, talented artists, the best wedding photographers to anyone who wants to make their dream a reality.

top photographers in Toronto Ontario
Nick & Alona

When I discuss wedding photography companies with different people, I constantly heard many of them are not happy with their wedding pictures. But it's definitely not my case. I'm so HAPPY that my amazing wedding photography belonged to Astora studio!!!!! They completely surrendered to work, forgot about themselves and their comfort. They are definitely TOP 10 wedding photographers Toronto! And working with these guys are so easy and comfortable, that you're ready to book more and more photoshoots with them! I am very pleased. RECOMMENDED!

best wedding photographers Ontario
Anton & Snizhanna

We've already donwloaded our engagement photos. Colors are so vibrant and beautiful, we like your style very much. There are no words to describe our delight! Thank you guys so much, you're cool and smart ones.

choosing a wedding photographer
Philip & Inna

It's fucking beautiful!!!! The post-processing is amazing, the colors are great and natural!!!! I can’t wait to see all our pre wedding images ☺☺☺. All photos are super cool!!! We really like them all! You're amazing guys!

choosing a wedding photographer Ontario
Kostya & Kate

You are a wonderful couple of photographers! It is so nice to look at you and observe complete harmony during the shooting. We are so glad to meet you! And thanks for your patience and calm during the shoot. There is a separate conversation about our photos. In short - they are beautiful, we are so glad that it was you who shot us! Special thanks for more photos than we agreed!

hire wedding photographer in Kitchener
Alex & Alla

Thank you for the super cool photos 😍🎄. They are so true and emotional. We plunged that day for a couple of minutes)) I even didn't expect the photos so fast, I just dreamed about them 😅. Thank you very much for the wonderful photos and for capturing our candid emotions ❤️. There is no limit on our happiness. I already dream about the next photoshoot 😂

best wedding photographers Toronto
Joe & Julia

Astora Studio are the best photographers in Toronto and I'm so happy we chose them to shoot our wedding photography. They are really easy to work with, arrived early for our country wedding (2 hours outside Toronto during Covid) to take photos of our preparations and our wedding in general. They did a fantastic job capturing all moments of our special day. I wanted lots of photos of our guests, which they delivered on. They even brought in a drone (their suggestion & no additional charge) that really added value to their amazing wedding photography service. The quality of their wedding photography and the photos themselves is superb. Astora Studio didn't try to constrain us with additional charges for this and that - they just arrived, did an exceptional job, stayed late to capture our party, and sent us our photos soon after the wedding (a few days!) Would highly recommend this friendly, talented couple of the best wedding photographers in Toronto to anyone on their wedding day. Choosing them was one of the best decisions we made!

top photographers in Toronto
Vlad & Marianna

Do you want pretty wedding photos, a pleasant atmosphere, and a cascade of emotions? Then you must book the best photographers in Toronto - Inga and Andrew! :) Now we have no doubt choosing them as our photographers! They are a Toronto wedding studio whom you want to trust. You ask why? Because from the very first meeting with these guys before our bridal photoshoot it seemed like we had known each other for the longest time. And this is so valuable! Thank you for putting your soul into every wedding photograph! You are definitely the best wedding photography Toronto based studio! With big thanks, Vlad and Marianna.

top photographers in Toronto in Kitchener
Artem & Zoryana

Our best engagement photographers, thank you very much 😍😍😍 !! You are a wonderful couple and real top wedding photographers in Toronto. You helped my boyfriend and me save one of the most important day of our lives forever! Thank you so much! We will recommend you for all our friends! And, of course, we know, who will shoot our wedding day!

best wedding photographers in Kitchener

I am just delighted with my individual portrait photo shoot! Each photo is beautiful and very vibrant. Thank you very much!!! You are very cool! It was a big pleasure to work with you!!! Love and gratitude ❤

choosing a wedding in Toronto
Nick & Tanya

God, what a beauty !!!!!)) Photos are unrealistically cool) Thank you so much! All photos are just a bomb! Impossible to break away)))) Thanks a lot!!!

hire wedding photographer
Olya & Alisa

Well, what should I do now!? Have I to create a million new accounts on social media to put all the photos on the avatars?!!! 😅😅😅 I can't believe my eyes - I’m beautiful in the photos! You are a rocket gun!

hire wedding photographer Ontario

What a thrill photo shoot happened! I think, we got a mutual fire 😁. Guys, all photos are awesome. During the whole evening my husband and I try to choose the best images and you know, we can't. They all are so good, like real art! And what black and white ... mmm. Buzz! Thank you 😍!

best wedding photographers Toronto
Dmitrii & Alex

Why did we worry so much? As soon as Inga and Andrew arrived, the disturbance quietly melted away, like the morning fog. "I felt our wedding photographers were good old friends invited to a family celebration. It was fun and mysterious, easy, and solemn. Nobody directed “Come here, look here, smile...” Sometimes we just heard the quiet voice of our mates, our best wedding photographers, encouraging us behind the scenes. How did they make these bridal photos so cool? Only the best photographers in Toronto could see something in us that we didn’t recognize ourselves. Were we really so magical and so in love during our amazing wedding photography? These are our real feelings. Thank you, guys, for amazing wedding pictures that we can’t break away from!

top photographers in Toronto
Max & Yulia

Max showed me our photos - I'm thrilled 😍. Thank you so much! This was probably the first time in my life when I liked myself in the pictures. You are the very cool couple of photographers 👍. Every single image is truly wonderful. I was looking at our photos and thought one day you would become super famous and Max and I would tell everyone we were lucky to have a photo shoot with you. 😁😁😁 I am so excited about your work. You are very very cool. Even though I have already stopped posting photos, I still receive numerous compliments. Many thanks 😁

best wedding photographers
Vlad & Diana

You know, it's always hard to choose, especially if you're looking for a wedding photographer. When we'd seen a portfolio of Andrew and Inga we immediately figured out who would be our photo crew. And we want to say, we are so happy with this decision! Our wedding photos are extremely beautiful, full of "our" emotions and "true" moments. Every detail of this great day was perfectly captured by our best wedding photographers! Many thanks for everything - pretty wedding photos, pleasant atmosphere, mood, and attention! You are amazing!

best wedding photographers in Toronto
Max & Simona

Inga and Andrey, let me say thank you one more time )) Guys, you are unique. When a person finds himself and his vocation, a masterpiece is obtained! Each of our photos is a masterpiece created by you. Yes, yes, we are not afraid of big words. We thank you for the ease with which our day passed. Of course, we were worried before the wedding photoshoot, but the first click - and we are not in a front of the camera, we're playing, laughing, dancing, running, have a looot of fun. You definitely made our day))). For us you're the best wedding photographers! With all my heart, thank you! Simona

choosing a wedding photographer In Kitchener
Serhii & Tanya

Inga, Andrew, we reviewed all our photos multiple times and want to say that they are simply incredible! It is impossible to choose any one as a favorite, they are all incredible! 😍 Especially close-up portraits; how sensual they are! We really like it. Thanks a lot!

hire wedding photographer in Toronto
Kostya & Inna

Inga, Andrew! We are amazed how beautiful we are on our wedding photos! We got a lot of pleasure viewing our ready pictures)))!!! We hope to make much more such wonderful images with you!!! Thank you, our wonderful wedding photographers team! See you soon again!)

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