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Kim & Cici

We love every set of our amazing wedding photography, you captured a lot of creative images! Especially we love the tea ceremony, you shot many photos from very unique angles!!! We love the pic from the top and yes the last set is worth standing in the cold. It’s like our personal wedding story. The red and white can make an interesting contrast. Last but not least, you guys really catch all our special moments and save them in a very artistic manner. We are so lucky that such top rated Toronto photographers like you captured our wedding! Again, thank you. We will see each other a lot in the future!

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Joe & Julia

Astora Studio are the best photographers for a wedding Toronto and I'm so happy we chose them to shoot our wedding photography. They are really easy to work with, arrived early for our country wedding (2 hours outside Toronto during Covid) to take photos of our preparations and our wedding in general. They did a fantastic job capturing all moments of our special day. I wanted lots of photos of our guests, which they delivered on. They even brought in a drone (their suggestion & no additional charge) that really added value to their amazing wedding photography service. The quality of their wedding photography and the photos themselves is superb. Astora Studio didn't try to constrain us with additional charges for this and that - they just arrived, did an exceptional job, stayed late to capture our party, and sent us our photos soon after the wedding (a few days!) Would highly recommend this friendly, talented couple of the best wedding photographers in Toronto to anyone on their wedding day. Choosing them was one of the best decisions we made!

best wedding photographers Toronto
Dmitrii & Alex

Why did we worry so much? As soon as Inga and Andrew arrived to our wedding Toronto, the disturbance quietly melted away, like the morning fog. "I felt our wedding photographers were good old friends invited to a family celebration. It was fun and mysterious, easy, and solemn. Nobody directed “Come here, look here, smile...” Sometimes we just heard the quiet voice of our mates, our best wedding photographers, encouraging us behind the scenes. How did they make these bridal photos so cool? Only the best photographers in Toronto could see something in us that we didn’t recognize ourselves. Were we really so magical and so in love during our amazing wedding photography? These are our real feelings. Thank you, guys, for amazing wedding pictures that we can’t break away from!

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Nick & Alona

When I discuss wedding photography companies with different people, I constantly heard many of them are not happy with their wedding pictures. But it's definitely not my case. I'm so HAPPY that my amazing wedding photography belonged to Astora studio!!!!! They completely surrendered to work, forgot about themselves and their comfort. They are definitely TOP 10 wedding photographers Toronto! And working with these guys are so easy and comfortable, that you're ready to book more and more photoshoots with them! I am very pleased. RECOMMENDED!

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Yurii & Khrystyna

We just have reviewed our photos one more time and we want to thank you for the wonderful photos! The photos you captured are all amazing and "about us"! We are so happy to have chosen you😊. Now you are our top photographers in Toronto. Thank you one more time!😀

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Vlad & Diana

You know, it's always hard to choose, especially if you're looking for a wedding photographer. When we'd seen a portfolio of Andrew and Inga we immediately figured out who would be our photo crew. And we want to say, we are so happy with this decision! Our wedding photos are extremely beautiful, full of "our" emotions and "true" moments. Every detail of this great day was perfectly captured by our best wedding photographers! Many thanks for everything - pretty wedding photos, pleasant atmosphere, mood, and attention! You are amazing!