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Astora Studio photographer Toronto: Inga

Hey, I'm Andrew

From childhood, I was always attracted by light. It amazed me how the light could travel unimaginable distance from the Sun right into the Earth just to shape a beautiful rainbow after the spring rain.

Impressed by the nature of light, I've decided to study physics at university. Theorems and the scientific approach helped me understand the laws of nature. But there is something formulas can not express - human emotion and the atmosphere of happiness.

The technical complexity of photography and the unfathomable spirit of human love made wedding photography a perfect match. Of course, my own Wedding Photography Studio in Toronto ON has been my dream since my early days.

A wedding is not just a regular photoshoot; it's a unique experience that happens between two people and cannot be set out beforehand. I find joy in capturing these precious moments in the most favourable light.

Being a professional wedding photographer is a huge responsibility. For me doing professional Toronto photography means making people feel easy and comfortable in front of the camera. And then to shoot amazing photos that go beyond my clients' expectations.

Astora Studio photographer Toronto: Inga

A few words from Inga

It's impossible to capture genuinely candid moments if a photographer doesn't have a gentle heart. It's not easy to illustrate the purity of this incredible moment. It is possible only if a photographer loves working with people and can pass all emotions through the innermost depths of their soul.

I never hide behind the camera. I am always at the heart of events.

I brush my tears away when the father leads his beautiful daughter to the altar. With a trembling heart, I watch you exchange rings. I laugh when your parents tell ridiculous stories from your childhood during the speech, I admire the grace of the first dance and the sincerity of the first kiss... Being a professional wedding photographer means to live every moment together with you.

I had a dream: to build my own Wedding Studio. Photography is my love, and I am in love with photography.

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