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Candid Wedding Photography

For loving souls who are dreaming about stress-free wedding photography on their big day!

Every person dreams about a soul to care about, to love for the rest of life. Your wedding is not just a celebration. It's a union of two hearts, a sign you finally found the soulmate to live, to dream, to love with. And we, your wedding photographers, are here for capturing these wonderful, tender moments between the two of you. We're here to create timeless and candid wedding photos you'll show the next generations as a symbol of your endless love.

Hi, we're Andrew and Inga

Remember, when you were a kid you felt fascination and enjoyment of every moment of your life? Yeah, we also like these wonderful days. But the older we get, the more life pressure we face.

If you asked us about one goal we have for your wedding photography experience, we would tell you it's lightness, ease of the process, and absolute absence of stress. You've already spent so much energy to plan your wedding day! We’re going to work together to minimize that anxiety, help you have the best day ever, and save you emotions forever. We want you to review your wedding photos over and over again with one thought running through your mind: "What a wonderful love we share. The whole universe envies us!" Take a deep breath! We're going to plan your wedding photoshoot!

What if your marriage is not just about the bright days after the wedding date? What if the happiest life-long story may start RIGHT NOW?

We're delighted to be advocates for the day you want no matter when and where you plan to celebrate it. Late at night? Early in the morning? ANYTIME! In the city or your parents' backyard? Or at the beach?

We don't set up the rules: this day belongs to you. As long as you are excited, we are creating memorable wedding frames. We are just lucky to be a part of your big day.

Kind Words About Bridal Photography

Joe & Julia

The photos are so beautiful!! We are so very happy with them. You have such a great eye for composition, colour, catching little details. You caught all our friends and family and we love the artistic compositions with superimposed reflections, etc. I’m so happy we went with you... thank you so much!!

Dmitrii & Alex

Why did we worry so much? As soon as Inga and Andrew arrived, the disturbance quietly melted away, like the morning fog. "I felt our wedding photographers were good old friends invited to a family celebration. It was fun and mysterious, easy and solemn. Nobody directed “Come here, look here, smile...” Sometimes we just heard a quiet voice of our friends, wedding photographers, encouraging us behind the scenes. How did they make these photos so cool? Only real professionals like Inga and Andrew could see something in us that we didn’t see ourselves. Were we really so magical and so in love? These are our real feelings. Thank you, guys, for amazing pictures that we can’t break away from!

Vlad & Marianna

Do you want beautiful photos, pleasant atmosphere and cascade of emotions? Then you must book best photographers Toronto - Inga and Andrew! :) Now we have no doubt choosing wedding and family photographers! They are wedding photographers who you want to trust to take memorable pictures. You ask why? Because from the very first meeting with these guys it seemed like we had known each other for the longest time. And this is so valuable! Thank you for putting your souls into every wedding photograph! With big thanks, Vlad and Marianna.

Max & Simona

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Copyright © 2020 Astora Studio. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy