Engagement Photos: The Best Outdoor Locations In Toronto

Engagement Photography Locations

Every loving couple dreams about beautiful and unique engagement photos. Indeed, engagement pictures are a perfect opportunity to save your wonderful and candid emotions forever. Besides memorizing pure moments, engagement photos may be included as a part of wedding decoration or used for invitations.

No one couple argues their story of love is unique and deserves to be captured in the best location spots in Toronto to highlight this uniqueness and beauty. We, as engagement photographers in Toronto, have already captured many creative engagement photoshoots. So we decided to prepare a cool list of the best engagement photoshoot locations Toronto. Hope, this list will help you choose a great location for your engagement photos in Toronto. LET'S GO!

  • Aga Khan Museum & The Ismaili Centre

    Style: Ultramodern, Elegant, Geometrical
    Photography Permit: $325 business days and $425 weekend
    Area: 77 Wynford Dr, North York

    The Aga Khan Museum is a well-known museum of Islamic culture and art in Toronto. This piece of art, designed by a very talented Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, is a perfect spot for a modern engagement photoshoot. We recommend photographers concentrate on geometry, symmetry and wide-angle shots.

  • Allan Gardens

    Style: Bright, Green, Rustic, Tropical
    Photography Permit: $512 per 2 hour
    Area: 9 Horticultural Avenue, Toronto

    Allan Gardens Conservatory is a hidden gem in the megapolis. This place is a perfect site for romantic engagement photos. If an engaged couple is tired from the noise of the city and dreams about candid, tropical, relaxing engagement photography, in this case, Allan Gardens is one of the best photography spots in Toronto.

  • Brookfield Place

    Style: Modern, Architectural, Unique
    Photography Permit: It's possible to make a couple of shoots with NO fees
    Area: 181 Bay St, Toronto

    Brookfield Place is a real paradise for both, loving couples and engagement photographers, who are crazy about ideal light, shapes, geometry and looking for unique places for a photoshoot. Together with very cool architecture, Brookfield Placet is a well-known place for many cozy restaurants inside, where can capture some candid engagement pictures as well.

    Brookfield Place Engagement Photography

  • Carr Hall

    Style: Whimsical, Romantic, Garden-inspired
    Photography Permit: Free for an outdoor photography
    Area: 100 St Joseph St, Toronto

    Carr Hall is one of our favourite engagement shoot locations in Toronto. This is a very beautiful old building with a special atmosphere around it. But we recommend photographers to pay attention to the amazing garden in a front of the building. Wrought-iron chairs and tables help add ancient and relaxed notes to the engagement photoshoot. Of course, the couple's outfits have to correspond to the mood of the surrounding place: there is no place for casual outfits.

  • Casa Loma

    Style: Romantic, Classy, Traditional
    Photography Permit: $800 for 2hrs depending on time of day
    Area:1 Austin Terrace, Toronto

    Ancient fountain, pretty garden, elegant marble floor and stairs, unique design - without any doubt Casa Loma is a spectacular castle in Toronto Downtown. If a couple dreams of a luxurious wedding or engagement photography Toronto - Casa Loma is what they need. Lots of lovely locations, unusual angles and bohemian spots make this place a really unique spot for photography.

  • Distillery District

    Style: Rustic, Vintage, Urban, Casual
    Photography Permit: $250 for up to 2hrs
    Area: Distillery District, Toronto

    Distillery District is a famous historic area. It is definitely worth thinking about it as one of the cool spots for the engagement photography places in Toronto. Redbrick walls give a special rustic atmosphere, cozy cafes and restaurants add some romantic mood to the photoshoot.

  • Evergreen Brick Works

    Style: Industrial, Vintage, Casual
    Photography Permit: $350 for up to 2hrs
    Area: 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto

    The Don Valley Brick Works is a factory building with unique industrial architecture. Despite the commercial usage of the building, there are a lot of green spots and gardens, which can vary the industrial engagement photoshoot. People, who love factory-made ​motives, will be happy to have photos from this spot.

  • Exhibition Place

    Style: Urban, Modern
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor photoshoots
    Area: 100 Princes' Blvd, Toronto

    Exhibition Place is a rectangular complex of different buildings and gardens and it worth your attention. As a Toronto engagement photographer, I can tell you that this place, especially Princes' Gates spot, is in my personal TOP-5 places for creative engagement or wedding shoots.

  • Fairmont Royal York

    Style: Modern, Classic, Romantic, Traditional
    Photography Permit: Free for outside shoots and $500 (without the booking of a hotel room) for inside shoots
    Area: 100 Front St W, Toronto

    The Fairmont Royal York is a well-known splendour hotel located in the heart of Toronto. Even if you are not ready to wear a ball gown for your engagement shoot, the engagement photographer can use this wonderful building as a background. For me, this hotel looks like a piece of New York in Toronto.

  • Financial District

    Style: Modern, Elegant, Art Deco
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor engagement photography
    Area: Downtown Toronto

    I am a huge fan of untypical light, contrast, geometry, lines and shapes, probably that is the reason why Financial District takes a special place in my heart. It is definitely TOP-1 in my personal list of the best locations in Toronto. I can strongly recommend this great area for everyone, who wants to have nice Downtown Toronto engagement photos. I am sure - Financial District is full of various possibilities to create unique and creative shots.

    Financial District Engagement Photography

  • Graffiti Alley

    Style: Modern, Hipster, Artistic
    Photography Permit: Free
    Area: Graffiti Alley, Toronto

    Graffiti Alley is a truly unique place in Toronto. If a couple admires vivid colours, follows trends, loves dynamics, detests stereotypes, and adores art, the Alley is an ideal location for their engagement photography.

    Graffiti Alley Engagement Photography
    Graffiti Alley Engagement Photography

  • Hilton Toronto

    Style: Romantic, Urban, Whimsical
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor photoshoot
    Area: 145 Richmond St W, Toronto

    When I mention these Toronto photoshoot locations, I am talking about the rooftop and small garden nearby, not about the hotel. This hidden beautiful spot is full of fresh greenery in the middle of the noisy city. If you are lucky, you can catch a moment when Toronto is covered by the fog. Believe me, it is a really impressive show. It is TOP-2 in my personal list of the engagement photoshoot locations.

    Hilton Toronto Engagement Pictures

  • Hotel X Toronto

    Style: Chic, Classic, Elegant, Stylish, Geometrical
    Photography Permit: $750.00 up to 3 hours
    Area: Princes' Boulevard Enter on the corner of Lakeshore Blvd W and 111 Newfoundland Rd, Toronto

    Hotel X Toronto is a stylish high-rise hotel on Lake Ontario with an extremely beautiful view of Toronto Downtown. There are so many different options for the engagement photos here. As a photographer, I can find hundreds of different spots to capture memorable frames for couples.

  • Kensington Market

    Style: Modern, Urban, Hipster
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor photography
    Area: Nassau St, Toronto

    Kensington Market a very vibrant and vivid area in Toronto. From my point of view, it is one of the best places in West Toronto for engagement pictures. If an engagement photographer and a loving couple both love rhythm, the sounds of the city and the feeling of life around them, this place is one of the best for it.

    Outdoor photography locations toronto

  • Ontario Place & Trillium Park

    Style: Urban, Modern, Geometrical, Vivid
    Photography Permit: Free
    Area: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto

    Ontario Place is a huge entertainment complex, full of beautiful and unique photoshoot locations. If you want to unite modern architecture with picturesque landscape, you definitely have to pay attention to this place. From my point of view, an hour before the sunset is the best time for the photoshoot.

    Toronto photoshoot locations
    engagement photoshoot Toronto

  • Osgoode Hall

    Style: Classic, Elegant, Stylish, Traditional
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor photography
    Area: 130 Queen St W, Toronto

    I think Osgoode Hall does not need a description. This marvellous, landmark building is just a perfect place for both wedding and engagement photography in Toronto. When the majority of wedding photographers creates the frames in front of the building, I advise you to pay attention to the nice garden around the Hall. This location is TOP-3 in my personal list of beautiful locations

  • Polson Pier

    Style: Romantic, Nautical, Scenic
    Photography Permit: Free
    Area: 11 Polson St, Toronto

    Polson pier is famous for its picturesque view of Toronto skyscrapers and a chance to catch amazing sunset behind Downtown. If you are looking for a spot where you can enjoy the beauty of the setting sun, I certainly recommend you to pay attention to this place. Of course, it may be difficult to capture some unique frames here, but if you love the view of Toronto, this is undoubtedly your spot.

  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

    Style: Modern, Geometrical, Unique
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor photography
    Area: 100 Queens Park, Toronto

    Royal Ontario Museum is famous for its unique exterior design. It's a special place, where a photographer can capture both contemporary and timeless frames. Worth mentioning that ROM is also a great place for wide-angle frames.

    Engagement Photography in ROM

  • Trinity College

    Style: Classic, Architectural, Historical, Romantic
    Photography Permit: for indoor shoot $65/hour for alumni, and $130/hr for non-alumni
    Area: 6 Hoskin Ave, Toronto

    It may be a tricky situation to have your wedding or engagement photography done inside Trinity College, but you can always have a few engagement pictures with the building in the background. This is really a lovely place for a romantic photoshoot. From my point of view, the most beautiful time to create a story here is a blooming springtime or red-leaves autumn.

    Engagement Photos Trinity College

  • Toronto Music Garden

    Style: Unique, Romantic, Relaxed, Nature-inspired
    Photography Permit: $128.00 per 2 hour
    Area: 475 Queens Quay W, Toronto

    Toronto Music Garden is an isolated hidden oasis in the noisy city. Its special design adds uniqueness and harmony to this place. If you are looking for a green spot with a lovely design, you may love Toronto Music Garden. Despite the pictures in greenery, you can take some frames near the water of Lake Ontario.

  • Toronto Botanical Garden

    Style: Nature-inspired, Romatnic, Whimsical
    Photography Permit: ~$275 for any type of photography
    Area: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York

    Toronto Botanical Garden is a lovely park with a fountain, staircase and a nice bridge. If you want a lot of romantic engagement pictures in an uncrowded greenery place, it is an ideal location for you.

  • Toronto Islands

    Style: Romantic, Nautical, Nature-inspired
    Photography Permit: $128.00 per 2 hour
    Area: Toronto Islands

    Toronto Islands are a chain of 15 small islands in Lake Ontario. This really nice place can offer a wide variety of locations for an engagement photoshoot. If you are looking for a nice view of Toronto or a nice spot for your beach engagement photos, you will absolutely love this place. I recommend planning your photoshoot an hour before the sunset to catch the best soft light and enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

    engagement photoshoot in Toronto

  • Yorkville

    Style: Fashionable, Modenr, Luxurious, Elegant
    Photography Permit: Free for outdoor photography
    Area: Yorkville neighbourhood

    If you are searching for a stylish, fashionable engagement photo location in Toronto, Yorkville is a perfect place. Basically, everyone can discover something special to themselves: a cozy restaurant, a nicely designed street, a stylish facade or a fashionable corner. This place does not limit your creativity - here you really can get all pictures you want!

    Toronto engagemtn photographers
    Toronto engagement photography

  • St. Lawrence Market

    Style: Rustic, Romantic, Vivid
    Photography Permit: Free
    Area: 93 Front St E, Toronto

    The St. Lawrence Market is a lovely spot in Toronto Downtown. If you are searching for a simple location, full of blooming flowers, greenery and cozy corners, pay attention to this lovely place. You can grab a cup of coffee and spend a lovely time with your beloved when your engagement photographer Toronto creates memorable frames for you.

  • Spadina Museum

    Style: Romantic, Nature-inspired, Classic, Elegant
    Photography Permit: Exterior: $150/hour; Interior/Exterior: $250/hour
    Area: 285 Spadina Rd, Toronto

    Spadina Museum is a well-known historic house & gardens with a lovely green territory and a remarkable mansion. If you are looking for a historical building surrounded by opulent blooming gardens, I will strongly recommend you to explore this location for both wedding and engagement sessions in Toronto.

  • Woodbine Beach

    Style: Romantic, Nautical, Nature-inspired, Elegant
    Photography Permit: $128.00 per 2 hour
    Area: 1675 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto

    If the beach engagement photos are your dream - you have to pay attention to Woodbine Beach. This is a very lovely area with a huge beach line and a nice lifeguard house. For me, this location is good for a photo session only during sunset time.

    Beach Engagement Photos

  • Union Station Toronto

    Style: Historical, Architectural, Classic, Elegant
    Photography Permit: $150.00 for indoor photoshoot
    Area: 55 Front St W, Toronto

    Union Station, the busiest passenger transportation hub, is famous for its impressive exterior and just a few people pay attention to the interior of this place. This is truly a significant spot for both engagement and wedding photoshoots. It is easy to accent attention to the pure feelings of a loving couple enjoying themselves in a passengers flow.

  • University Of Toronto (UofT) - Hart House

    Style: Architectural, Classic, Grand, Gothic
    Photography Permit: for indoor shoot $65/hour for alumni, and $130/hr for non-alumni
    Area: 7 Hart House Cir, Toronto

    If a couple and a photographer are big fans of gothic architecture, choose Hart House as a place for engagement photography in Toronto. Soft light, large arches, memorable exterior and interior add a special romantic mood to your photoshoot in UofT. But be careful choosing your clothing: it is really easy to destroy this atmosphere, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    uft engagement photos
    uft engagement photography

Of course, we will be pleased if you decide to choose us as your creative engagement photographers and give us an opportunity to save your tender emotions forever.

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