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Rustic Drone Wedding Photography For Joe And Julia

When we first met Joe and Julia, the couple mentioned they planned to celebrate their marriage partially at the fiancée's mother's farmhouse and partially at the barn. Bridal photography should correspond to the rustic wedding style. The bride lovingly described all the preparations for their barn wedding, which the couple decided to do themselves.

We were very happy to hear about the style of the party because we are big fans of simplicity and affordability, which is the basis of rustic wedding photos. For us, wedding photographers, a rustic wedding was the charm of lightness, the beauty of natural materials such as linen, burlap, wood, hay, and tons of fresh-cut flowers. Also, a country wedding was about comfort: only the dearest people gathered together and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of a countryside wedding day and memorable wedding aerial photography.

Joe and Julia's Rustic eco-themed wedding took place in the backyard of the country farmhouse. As soon as we saw the territory, we immediately decided to capture some drone wedding photography. We thought rustic weddings were a perfect match for wedding aerial photography.

The couple decided to install themselves the birch-branches arch and generously decorate it with wildflowers to symbolize the rustic styled wedding. The flowers on the arch were well combined with the bridal bouquet, a delicate wreath in her hair, and decorations on the guests' tables. Vases caught the particular attention of everyone: Julia chose jars so that none of them would be repeated, but at the same time they were harmoniously combined.

One of the most exciting moments had come: the main heroes, Joe and Julia, stepped on the aisle. Joe had a couple of pets who happily took part in a wonderful celebration. And then the most exciting moment, the arrival of the bride came. All guests froze in anticipation of Julia. When she stepped to the aisle, many friends could not hold back tears, and that was not strange at all: she looked stunning in a fluttering dress made of simple fabrics. She was so gentle. How easy was it to shoot aerial and rustic wedding photos in such sensual moments...

The table was set in the open-air garden. Each guest received a small gift from the newlyweds: a personalized jar of honey from the family's apiary. Sincere congratulations sounded during the dinner, each guest tried to find the right words and wishes.

The cake attracted special attention: it was baked and decorated by the mother of the bride with a special love. Of course, it fast became the main detail of rustic wedding photos.

And then the sun was setting, the perfect time for wedding aerial photography... The bride's nephew began to make a fire near the barn, wedding photography didn’t irritate guests, everyone slowly began to move towards the fire. We continued to create memorable barn wedding photography. Again, many genuine hugs, delicious drinks, honest conversations, and wishes among friends. Someone sat on handmade haystacks, someone danced, someone just stroked the dogs. Everything was so candid and simple. We wished this holiday did not end.

Surely everyone will remember Joe and Julia's rustic wedding: photos of guests and the couple near the unusual handmade arch, in the barn, near the fire ... This wedding gifted everyone so many vivid emotions! And we could call ourselves barn wedding photographers!


Style:rusticbarn wedding

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Copyright © 2021 Astora Studio.

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