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Dundurn Castle Pre Wedding Photography For Thiago And Amber

Dundurn Castle, a Regency house can be called one of the most popular places for a proposal or wedding shoot in Ontario, and even in Canada. And it’s not in vain. Every corner is steeped in history, impressive architecture excites the imagination of both loving hearts and the photographer.

Closing your eyes, you can easily imagine the preparations for the daughter of Baronet Sir Allan Napier MacNab's Dundurn castle wedding. I am sure, just like now, everyone strived to make that warm autumn day in the castle in Canada unforgettable, wonderful, and memorable for a lifetime. Around the beautifully designed Dundurn Castle, there was a beautiful area where every guest supposed to relax and enjoy the pompous celebration.

Together with Thiago and Amber, we were lucky to enjoy the autumn vibes of this magnificent Dundurn Castle Hamilton. Photos cannot fully convey the excellence of an incredible November evening and the happy smiles of two hearts in love. It seemed that we were not just photographing, we, together with that romantic couple, wrote a novel - their personal story of love: lightly naive and childish.

When we'd enjoyed the beauty of the Castle, we directed to Dundurn castle Coach House. We got the impression the couple did not notice our cameras: they danced, circled, celebrated their love... In those precious moments, only their candid emotions and feelings were important. We, as wedding photographers, solely didn't interrupt them and created tons of memorable shots.

I hope Thiago and Amber will remember that warm evening, the smell of fallen leaves, light tired of pleasant emotions, and a lot of kisses for a long time. We remembered that beautiful day at Dundurn castle as pure, full of love and joy.

I want to share some information about Dundurn Castle photography:

  • Dundurn castle Hamilton is perfect for a wedding or engagement photoshoot.
  • Despite the fact this is the most wanted photography spot, all artists can create unique photos, because there are a lot of different spots near the castle.
  • Everyone can shoot near Dundurn castle Hamilton without a special permit.
  • It is worth paying attention to both: the castle and Dundurn castle Coach House.
  • From my point of view, the best time for a photoshoot is 2 hours before sunset.

But most importantly while you're shooting in Dundurn castle or in any other castle in Canada, enjoy your heroes, experience their emotions, and create unusual shots about your beautiful couples.

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Astora Studio | dundurn castle photography
Astora Studio | dundurn castle
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