We fall in love with every couple we shoot

We're your friends, your confidants, people, who're worrying about the perfection of your big day. We are always ready to support and help you.

No stress, just fun, and love!

You have no idea how to pose

You think you look awkward in front of the camera. Congratulations! You're not alone :) Guess what? Even professional photographers may look strange in the presence of the camera.

To seem happy in front of the camera you have to feel comfortable with a person behind it: your wedding photographer. After all, it's more enjoyable to collaborate with a photographer you know and trust. As we're going to break the walls and establish contact, we ask all our couples to meet with us, to tell everything about their wedding day, and even show the inspirational wedding images they'd like to have in their archive.

People often ask us advice about how to feel relaxed in front of the camera so here are the most important rules we recommend:

  • Forget about the camera: your partner is next to you, your loved ones are around you... This is the happiest day of your life! Smile, talk to your spouse, walk, dance, enjoy everything around you to the full.
  • Smile a lot cause your sincere smile makes wedding photographs special. After all, you have plenty of reasons for a happy laugh on this day.
  • Move slowly and smoothly. It helps share the mood of your day - calm and special.
  • Stop thinking about how you'll look like in your wedding photos.
  • The more you try to look great the more constrained your body is and less natural emotions become. Get these thoughts out of your head.

You don't know what photos to expect

Every photographer has a unique style of shooting. It's not strange that couples don't certainly know what pictures they will receive.

To avoid disappointment, we ask our couples to show examples of wedding images they like and want to have. We ask tons of questions about the event to understand what exactly you need.

It's your first wedding, but not ours :) We visited many of them and always ready to give you advice about poses, different places, and locations for the photoshoot.

We’re afraid of detachment from our photographer

We're not just a couple of wedding photographers. We're your friends; your confidants; people, who worry about the perfection of your big day. We are always ready to support and help you. Absolute strangers become so close during the shooting day. It seems this is only a few hours of shooting, but every second we live with you, we dissolve in our work, in people and their stories, in emotions... We put a piece of our souls into every shoot.

Our main goal while shooting your beautiful day is not only to capture the best wedding images but also to build a secure relationship with you. You know, it's always better to cooperate with a couple, who trust you, who know you're here to assist and encourage.

Yes, these points above are not about photography. They are about falling in love with every couple, with every person we shoot; they are about involvement and complicity, the presence of real professionals, doing your wedding photography.

Our deposit will void if the wedding day is moved

This year was full of surprises. No one could predict all difficulties we all dealt with.

We're trying to come back to normal but the spirit of uncertainty still presents. You continue to plan your wedding day but ask yourself hundreds of ‘what if…’ questions. One of these painful what-ifs is about deposits you've already paid.

Vendors and service providers often deliver unpleasant news: you cannot rebook a venue or service and neither return your money.

We decided to mitigate the stress and give our brides and grooms the possibility to change their dates in case something happens and the wedding is postponed. If you book us as your wedding photographers, we'll 100% capture your wedding day!

Hope it'll add some confidence to our couples.



Nick & Alona

When I discuss wedding photography companies with different people, I constantly heard many of them are not happy with their wedding pictures. But it's definitely not my case. I'm so HAPPY that my wedding photography belonged to Astora studio!!!!! They completely surrendered to work, forgot about themselves and their comfort. They are the best Canadian wedding photographers! And working with these guys are so easy and comfortable, that you're ready to book more and more photo shoots with them! I am very pleased. RECOMMENDED!

Artem & Zoryana

Our best engagement photographers, thank you very much 😍😍😍 !! You are a wonderful couple and real top wedding photographers in Toronto. You helped my boyfriend and me save one of the most important day of our lives forever! Thank you so much! We will recommend you for all our friends! And, of course, we know, who will shoot our wedding day!

Dmitrii & Alex

Why did we worry so much? As soon as Inga and Andrew arrived, the disturbance quietly melted away, like the morning fog. "I felt our wedding photographers were good old friends invited to a family celebration. It was fun and mysterious, easy and solemn. Nobody directed “Come here, look here, smile...” Sometimes we just heard a quiet voice of our friends, wedding photographers, encouraging us behind the scenes. How did they make these photos so cool? Only real professionals like Inga and Andrew could see something in us that we didn’t see ourselves. Were we really so magical and so in love? These are our real feelings. Thank you, guys, for amazing pictures that we can’t break away from!


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Copyright © 2020 Astora Studio. All rights reserved.

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