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Toronto Pre Wedding Photography

Toronto pre wedding photography: one of our favorite type of shootings in Toronto

Why do you need a pre-wedding photography

A pre wedding photoshoot is not a pre-directed movie, created according to the boring script where every frame is well-known in advance. Pre wedding photography is about festive mood, existing communication, vivid emotions, and a lot of love. Toronto pre wedding photographs are sincere, natural frames that will boost your spirit and bring peace to your soul in any situation.

Pre-wedding photography is always for two. It brings pleasure, enjoyment to the process, refreshment to feelings. It's a perfect opportunity for you to properly know your wedding photographers, make friends with them, feel each other. Then on your big day, you will feel comfortable and easy in a front of the camera.

It's always challenging for couples to decide where their pre-wedding photography has to take place. They often come to us looking for our recommendations. And we're always happy to help, cause we know: great ideas guarantee a good result! But remember: the idea must be close for you, reflect your emotions. We are happy to share our few favorite options we often recommend to engaged couples.

Outdoor pre-wedding photography

We are always inspired by the outdoor pre wedding photoshoot. We have tons of wonderful ideas, hundreds of picturesque ​​locations in our heads for this type of shooting.

Together with a mysterious loving couple, a pre-wedding photographer will wander into the forest... What if spray and the sound of the waves is your story of love? A lot of lakes in Ontario are waiting for you.

Surrounded by nature, pre wedding photography is always special, full of charm. It doesn't matter if you dedicate the photoshoot a whole day or a couple of hours. We promise you will remember this shoot for a long time.

Urban pre wedding shoot in Toronto

Toronto is a dynamic city, with its pace of life, interesting places, secret gardens, and parks. It's a place for vibrant pre wedding photography, full of motion and rhythm.

Are your loving hearts beat to the beat of a noisy city? Do you have your favorite spots, a place where your story of love begun?

The pre wedding photoshoot in Toronto can take place in the subway, in a front of massive skyscrapers, at Distillery District, or in a cozy cafe where you met.

There are so many loving couples in the world. There are so many unique love stories. Pre wedding photography is a wonderful journey to the exclusive land of Love.

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Copyright © 2021 Astora Studio.

All rights reserved.

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