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On the whole Universe, there are no repetitive stories of love. The chapter of Max and Tess was not the exception. These two loving souls met years ago. And 5 years later they planned their perfect wedding day. Despite all the troubles Covid brought to all engaged couples, Max and Tess decided not to allow the circumstances to ruin their dream wedding day. They agreed to elope and celebrate their event in Toronto Downtown.

For the celebration, Max wore a complete Massimo Dutti outfit and Tess decided to choose a very elegant silk dress from Whyte Couture. The long handmade veil from Whyte Couture and a bouquet with white lilies harmonically embellished a relatively simple bridal look. Max could not hide his excitement when he had seen Tess. She was coming to him surrounded by thousands of apple petals in the air. Their emotions were very candid and pure, they were extremely happy.

The couple chose Osgoode Hall, a very nice historical site in Toronto Downtown, as a place for their ceremony. Their most important words sounded in front of this architecturally perfect building. Spring gifted them with warm weather and golden sun, birds sang their best songs. It looked like a miracle, a new chapter from the fairy tale just had been started and Osgoode Hall wedding photography helped save these tender emotions forever.

After the couple said their vows, we agreed to go to Toronto Downtown and capture the unforgettable urban love story. Max and Tess were big fans of the rhythm, traffic and the spirit of noisy Toronto. They were not irritated by people on the streets, congratulating them; they enjoyed the rapidly rushing trams and beautiful reflections on the skyscrapers. Max and Tess did not pay attention to the cameras; they danced, enjoyed each other, and spent a lovely time together. In its turn wedding photographers from Astora Studio captured timeless frames and saved the candid emotions of newlyweds forever.

It was a lovely day when, despite the Covid-related difficulties and restrictions, a new wonderful and unique story of pure love had been started. Together with Max and Tess, we found a perfect quote to describe their wedding day: "Marry her, despite the circumstances!"

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