Micro Wedding Photography

No one argues, any wedding is a wonderful celebration of love and union of two families. But, despite this romantic side, a wedding is also kind of a theatrical performance with spectators. Some couples prefer to have a huge audience, others decide to celebrate their small wedding with immediate families and the closest friends.

The small intimate wedding is perfect for a couple if you and your fiance:

  • are not big fans of noisy parties and quickly get tired of a large crowd of people
  • you want to share your wedding day with the immediate family
  • you want to arrange an informal wedding and move away from the canonical show
  • you value the quality: reducing the cost of the banquet, you can pay more attention to the quality of the decoration, place, menu

But let's not forget, that even a small backyard wedding needs a lot of planning and preparation: you definitely don't want to turn your wedding into another family dinner. Some couples think a small wedding is very simple to organize: they don't hire an event planner, professional wedding photographers, etc.

Of course, the micro wedding price will be lower, but don't save your money on wedding photographs. Literally, wedding photos are an outcome you'll have for decades. No matter the size of your event: big or small wedding it is a good idea to entrust its production to the artistic wedding photographer. Astora studio has the experience and most important proper taste to make your at-home micro wedding look fantastic, even better than in the huge pompous venue.

As small weddings have become very popular option, Astora Studio prepared a special micro wedding package (we called it "JAVA Package"). You can find more details on the wedding photography packages page.

Check some of our recent micro weddings:

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