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Wedding Photographers: unique wedding locations in Toronto, ON

Regardless of their place of birth, many couples want to spend their wedding day in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada - Toronto, ON.

As soon as the thought of getting married in Toronto hits you, you immediately open the Internet and start looking for a place to celebrate your magical wedding day. Looking through dozens of websites at some point you are completely lost and ask yourself the question: where would I want to spend my wedding day? On the museum, on the rooftop of a luxury hotel? Or are you more attracted to interesting venues with history? Are you imagining your big day on the shores of Lake Ontario? It is very important to choose the location that is right for you. After all, this unforgettable day will definitely go down in the story of your family. Trust us, you don't want to be disappointed.

As wedding photographers, we want to remind you: the location you choose greatly influences the style of wedding photography. If you're dreaming of light, airy wedding pictures, you need to choose a place bathed in sunlight, with light walls, large windows, and a charming backyard. If moody wedding photography is close to you, Toronto offers many cozy venues. But always remember: even very talented wedding photographers Toronto, ON can't capture airy images in a dark room. Anyway, it's always the best approach to show the venue and wedding photos you want to receive to your photographer.

Toronto has many wonderful spots. In the hope of making your wedding venue selection process a little easier, we've put together our top locations in Toronto for you. Of course, these are not all of Toronto's wonderful photography spots. For example, there is a separate article for TOP Downtown hotels.

TOP 10 Wedding Photography Venues In Toronto:

  • Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex
  • Graydon Hall Manor
  • Estates of Sunnybrook
  • Malaparte
  • Miller Lash House
  • Madsen’s Gardens
  • Artscape Gibraltar Point
  • Story’s Building
  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club
  • Canvas

View Our Favorite Wedding Photography In Toronto:

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