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The best wedding photos of two loving souls Vlad and Marianna

The wedding day of Vlad and Marianna was the most splendid event we had ever attended. This unbelievable holiday fancifully united sumptuousness and delicate taste; antiquity and ultramodern trends; originality and loyalty to traditions. Needless to mention the couple was waiting only for the best wedding photos.

On the wedding day, the bride told us her personal story of how she chose her wedding dress. A long time ago she decided her dress would be special, not like the other dresses. All the best wedding pictures throughout the Internet brightly demonstrated standard white dresses with lush hems or puffed sleeves. Less common were pink or blue dresses, but she did not like these colors.

We were looking at her wedding dress again and again but could not figure out what exactly the dress of the bride reminded us of.

Finally, it dawned on me!

Twilights! Those magnificent moments, when the moon shows up at the horizon and illuminates two loving souls with silver light. Flowers, before folding the petals, gave their whole fragrance to the two tender hearts.

During the whole wedding day, while we were capturing our best wedding photos, we could not stop thinking of this moony story. The bride and groom, like two silvery moonbeams, literally flew around their palace in the Art Nouveau style.

Even now, when we look at their best wedding photos, we definitely think it was such a romantic and pacifying event. This wedding day was special and different from the majority of events in the best wedding pictures.

We wish we had more poetic and tender wedding days like that to shoot as many best wedding pictures as we can.

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Copyright © 2020 Astora Studio. All rights reserved.

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