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Simple Wedding Photography For Vlad And Diana

In the whole world, there are no repetitive love stories. Vlad and Diana’s story is not an exception.

They met and got to know each other by the sea.

Vlad just escaped from a noisy office for a few days. Diana flew in, like a seagull with a broken wing, after another heartbreak. Both rushed to the sea when the sun was rapidly approaching the horizon. At that moment they looked for harmony, calmness, hope and found each other. Both could not stop talking: everyone discovered a reflection of their thoughts in another. Only the rose-color sun understood them.

Certainly, they could not imagine that in a few months they would be looking for a simple wedding photography.

Diana decided that her wedding dress would be a color of a sunset, as a symbol of the day they met each other. And the roses in the morning bath on their simple wedding day also looked like their sun.

Vlad was certain they should have their simple wedding photography on the seashore. The couple wanted to relive those emotions that filled them the day they first met

Quite by chance, the sea became their favorite place on Earth. Simple wedding photography helped keep forever every candid moment of their wedding day.

Every time they need support and self-confidence, Vlad and Diana always return to the sea. No wonder the guys were by the sea on the most important day of their lives. The sea greeted the sweethearts, as its children. And gave them fresh strength to their happy journey of a lifetime.

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Copyright © 2020 Astora Studio. All rights reserved.

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