Professional Wedding Photography: All You Need To Know

How many professional wedding photos will we receive?

It depends on the Wedding Package you selected. Usually, our couples get between 500-1100 retouched and ready for print professional wedding photos.

How will we receive our wedding photos?

Every Wedding Package includes a password-protected online gallery with all your wedding photos. Using the link you can share the wedding pictures with your relatives and friends and, of course, download your professional wedding photos. Some packages include a high-quality printed photo album.

How long will we wait for our wedding images?

We know how you're waiting for your wedding images, so we do all possible to deliver them ASAP. So your wedding images will be available in 30-60 business days depends on your wedding date.

How can we hire you to provide us professional wedding photography services?

It's so easy! Just 'Send message', reach us on Instagram or Facebook or contact us via email. Also, if you want to ask us some questions about professional wedding photography, you can book a free wedding consultation.

May we ask to receive out-of-camera raw format wedding photos?

We do not provide out-of-camera raw format photos. They are kind of rough copies and just a starting point to create professional wedding photos you will definitely love.

Is it possible to ask for more retouched photos?

Every Package includes enough wedding photos to convey the atmosphere of your special day. Believe us you won't need additional photos as all tender moments of your best day will be perfectly captured by two professional wedding photographers.

Can we hire only one of your team?

Your wedding is full of candid, pure and fulminant moments. Often we need different angles to shoot your bridal day from various perspectives, so two professional photographers are a must. Moreover, you do not pay extras for the second shooter.

Can we order a photobook after the wedding day?

Sure! We love to design high-quality professional wedding photobooks! But if the photobook is not included in your Wedding Package, it will cost extra.

Which wedding parts do you recommend to shoot?

There are no less or more important moments during your wedding celebration: every single second is so meaningful and becomes an instant to remember very very soon. We recommend to have professional wedding photography services during the whole wedding day.

Do you require a deposit?

There may be so many weddings on the same day, so we must require a deposit to reserve your day. A deposit is only 30% of all price.

Will you publish our photos on the Internet (as your portfolio)?

Professional photography: wedding, engagement or elopement is always a unique, emotional process. We want to share the beautiful moments of your special day to inspire other brides and grooms. But if there are some reasons you do not want your wedding photos published - tell us and they will stay unpublished.

What gear do you use?

We shoot our professional wedding photos using mirrorless Canon R6 together with the primary quality of Canon lenses. Also, we use a lot of additional mobile light to add a special atmosphere to your photos.

Can we meet with you before our big day?

Definitely! We ask all our couples to meet with us. We do this to better know each other, to ruin the fog between you and us, your future crew of professional wedding photographers.

Still have a question?

Book a free wedding consultation or contact on Facebook or Instagram.

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